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You Cannot Resist

  • Yanks Fan vs. Sox Fan
    For perspective, as the hubbub begins.
  • The Ohio Democrat Zephyr
    Child prodigies write, and they're from Cleveland.
  • The Morning News
    Aside from The Daily Show and The New York Times, this is the most reliable source of news that I probably need to know each day.
  • McSweeney's
    This is an internet tendency or, if you prefer, a nervous tic(k?).
  • Mike Arauz
    This site is like the streamers on a little girl's bicycle handlebars on a vivid day in a suburb.
  • David Moldawer
    This site is brilliant as a shiny rainbow.
  • Julian Velard
    Julian is good at music.
  • Roland Satterwhite
    Roland Satterwhite and Roland Benedek are the same person.